ST-1600-KIT - Organize and Assemble the Manifold Components

The ST System’s manifold is made up of the ST-V30-KV Control Valve and the ST-BVF30-K Isolation Valve Kit. The manifold controls and supports the long-range rotor and provides a point of connection for a quick coupler and drain valve. The manifold assembly components are made with 3" (80 mm) grooved Victaulic™ type fittings. These fittings join pipes of various materials across multiple fire protection, industrial, and commercial applications. Made of cast ductile iron and pressure-responsive synthetic rubber for the gasket, these fittings are extremely rigid and have operating pressures of up to 500 PSI (35 bar; 3,500 kPa). They have great joint integrity and can withstand thermal changes, seismic events, and differential settlements. Victaulic fittings add to the robustness of the kit.

The isolation valve kit includes:

1 Galvanized grooved x male BSP rotor adapter fitting
1 Galvanized grooved 90° elbow fitting
1 Galvanized grooved tee fitting
1 Epoxy-coated grooved butterfly valve
6 Galvanized grooved coupling
1 Galvanized grooved x 1" (25 mm) female NPT drain plate
1 Galvanized male NPT plug
1 Brass 1" (25 mm) female NPT ball valve (drain valve)



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