Solar Sync - Connecting to the I-Core

The I-Core now has the Solar Sync software built into the controller. New I-Core controllers with built in Solar Sync are easily identified by the new Solar Sync Settings dial position on the facepack. Because the new I-Core has built in Solar Sync software, the Solar Sync Sensor is the only item to be connected to the controller. The Solar Sync module will not be used and is not compatible with I-Core controllers that have Solar Sync software built in.

  1. To connect the Solar Sync Sensor route the black and green sensor wires into the controller and connect them to the two S1 terminal positions. It does not matter which wire goes to which S1 terminal, but the S1 terminal must be used when connecting a Solar Sync sensor.
  2. Mount the Solar Sync Sensor in a location that receives as much sunlight as possible for best results.
  3. The Solar Sync Sensor must now be assigned to the SEN1 location in the controller. Turn the dial to the Advanced Features position.
  4. Use the ▼ button to scroll to Sensor Configuration and press the + button.
  5. In the SEN1 position use the + button to scroll through the options until Solar Sync is shown. The I-Core now recognizes that a Solar Sync sensor has been connected.

If connecting a Wireless Solar Sync to the I-Core, steps 1-5 are the same except in step 1, you will be connecting the green and black wires from the Wireless Solar Sync Receiver to the S1 terminal positions. The Wireless Solar Sync Receiver then communicates with the Wireless Sensor.

The Solar Sync can be programmed to adjust station run times by program. To set the I-Core to Solar Sync Adjust mode:

  1. Turn the dial to Set Seasonal Adjustment. Use the PRG Button to select the desired program.
  2. Press the +/– button to select By Solar Sync Seasonal Adjust mode. Repeat for other programs if needed.

Once a Solar Sync is connected and programmed the station run times will be adjusted according to the findings of the Solar Sync. The Solar Sync will automatically adjust station run times and can be programmed independently for each of the four I-Core programs. The Rain Clik and Freeze-Clik sensor incorporated in the Solar Sync can be programmed by station which is discussed in the Set Sensor Operation section.


Solar Sync Connecting to the I-Core

Installation on older model I-Core controllers (No SOLAR SYNC SETTINGS on the dial)

The older style I-Core controllers (No SOLAR SYNC SETTINGS on the dial) require the installation of the Solar Sync module as well as the Sensor. Older I-Core controllers may need a new power module to work with Solar Sync. The I-Core power module must have a date code of Jul 10 or later to be compatible with Solar Sync. The date code is located on top of power module.

Installing the Solar Sync Module

  1. Turn off AC power to the controller before connecting the Solar Sync module to the controller.
  2. Connect the red wire from the module to the AC1 terminal.
  3. Connect the white wire from the module to the AC2 terminal.
  4. Connect the blue wire from the module to the SEN terminal.
  5. Remove the metal jumper (if installed) from the two sensor terminals.
  6. Connect the yellow wire from the module to one of the SEN terminals.
  7. Connect the orange wire from the module to one of the SEN terminals.
  8. Wire the black and green wires from the module to the receiver or sensor as shown in directions above for Wired or Wireless Solar Sync Installation.

Installing the Solar Sync Module

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