Why is my Seasonal Adjustment so high or low, with a Solar Sync installed?

Increasing the Water Adjustment option on the Solar Sync module will allow you to fine tune your station Run Times to either allow for more watering or less watering.

For less water, decrease the value on the Water Adjustment scale (1-10 scale, default setting is 5). If you minimize the scale to 1 and still require decreased Seasonal Adjustment, move up to the next higher Region (from 2 to 3, for example).

For more water, increase the value on the Water Adjustment scale. If the scale is maximized to 10 and still the system requires more water you may want to move the region to the next cooler region. (from 3 to 2, for example)

The Solar Sync will instantly update the controller's Seasonal Adjustment value when the Region or Water Adjustment value is changed, allowing the installer to "dial in" the correct settings. See "Calibration/Setup" section of the Solar Sync owner's manual for more details.


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