Solar Sync - Introduction

The.Solar Sync is a sensor system that, when connected to a compatible Hunter controller, will automatically adjust your controller watering run times based upon changes in local climate conditions.The Solar Sync utilizes a solar and temperature sensor to measure on-site weather conditions used to determine evapotranspiration (ET), or the rate at which plants and turf use water .In addition, the Solar Sync sensor includes a Hunter Rain-Clik TM and Freeze-Clik® sensor that will shut down your irrigation system when it rains and/or during freezing conditions.

The sensor is connected to the controller and will automatically  increase or decrease watering run times based on changes in  weather. The result is a new water-efficient irrigation product that  promotes water conservation and healthier plants. You simply  program your controller like you normally would, and the Solar  Sync takes over from there, eliminating the need to manually  adjust your watering schedule. 

Sensor Overview and Operation


Note: All current model Hunter controllers (AC powered) have the Solar Sync software built in. If you are using a older style Pro-C (with green buttons) or ICC controller the Solar Sync Kit should be used instead, which includes the necessary Solar Sync programming module. The Solar Sync is not compatible with Hunter Battery powered controllers.


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