X2 - Connecting a Master Valve

NOTE: Complete this section only if you have a master valve installed in your irrigation system. A master valve is a “normally closed” valve installed at the supply point of the main line that opens only when the controller initiates a watering program.  Whenever one of the irrigation zone valves is told to open by the controller, the controller also signals the master valve to open. The purpose of the master valve is to shut off the water to the irrigation system when none of the zone valves are operating. 


At the Master Valve, attach the common wire to either solenoid wires (two red wires) of the valve. Attach a separate control wire to the remaining solenoid wire (e.g. white and red wire).

NOTE: A separate common wire must be used for the master valve.


The common wire should be attached to the terminal inside the controller. The other wire coming from the master valve should be attached to the MV terminal inside the controller. Tighten each terminal screw.

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