X2 - Offline Troubleshooting Guide

ERR with number

Cause: Short in field wiring, or bad solenoid.

Solution: Check field wiring and valve solenoid. Press any button to clear ERR message.


Cause: Short in Pump/Master Valve wiring or solenoid.

Solution: Check wiring and solenoid at P/MV. Check specifications for Pump Start Relay.


Cause: SmartPort® error. Electrical noise is present near connection to remote or other SmartPort device.

Description: Move connections away from sources of electrical noise.


Cause: There is no AC power to the controller.

Solution: Check fuse/breaker and incoming power supply to controller.

Display shows watering but no water is occurring

Cause: Problem in field wiring. Problem with solenoids. No water pressure to system.

Solution: Check field wiring (voltmeter). Check valve solenoid(s). Verify water source is open.

Frozen or garbled display

Cause: Power surge.

Solution: Reset controller.

Rain Sensor does not stop irrigation

Cause: Jumper wire is not removed. Sensor switch in BYPASS position.

Solution: Remove jumper wire on SEN terminals. Set sensor switch to Active position.

Controller seems to water continuously

Cause: Too many start times.

Solution: One Start Time operates all stations in a program. Remove unnecessary start times.

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