X2 - Setting Water Days

Setting Specific Days of the Week to Water
  1. Turn the dial to the WATER DAYS position.
  2. The display will show the last program selected (A, b, or C). You can switch to another program by pressing the PRG button. The display will show a flashing rain drop symbol over Monday.
  3. Press the PLUS button to add the watering day and MINUS button to remove it as a watering day. 

NOTE: If you use the arrows, you may end up in ODD, EVEN or INTERVAL mode.  You can revert back to specific days by continuing pressing either arrow button.

Selecting Odd or Even Days to Water

This feature uses numbered day(s) of the month for watering instead of specific days of the week (odd days: 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.; even days: 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.).

NOTE: The 31st of any month and February 29th are always “off” days if Odd watering is selected.

  1. Turn the dial to the WATER DAYS position.
  2. Press the arrow (>) until the 
     icon and ODD appears on the display.  If odd day watering is desired, turn the dial back to the run position as this is already set.
  3. If even day watering is desired, press minus (-) button once. The 
     icon and EVEN will be displayed. You can move back and forth from ODD to EVEN by pressing the MINUS button.
Selecting Interval Watering

This feature is convenient if you want to have a more consistent watering schedule without having to worry about the day of the week (M-F) or the date. The interval you select is the amount of days between watering including the water day.With this option, you can select interval watering from 1 to 31 days.

  1. Turn the dial to the WATER DAYS position. If the 
    icon drop above “MON” is flashing, proceed to step 2. If the symbol above “MON” is not flashing, press the right arrow button until the interval number appears on display (see step 2).
  2. Press the right button until ODD or EVEN is flashing, and then press the right arrow button one more time. The display will change to the interval mode and the Interval Day number will be flashing on the upper left of the display. You will see the word “interval” below the number. 
  3. The number of days between watering, or the interval, will be flashing. Use the plus or minus buttons to select the number of days desired between watering. With the number 1 is flashing, press the plus button once. The display will now show two numbers: the interval and the days left on the interval. A number 1 indicates every day watering. A number 2 would indicate every other day. The interval can be set from 1-31 days between watering.
  4. When you change from a 1 day interval to a 2 day interval, you will see the days left number of the right of the display. To change the days left in the interval press the right arrow button once. The days left will be flashing, press the plus or minus to select the number of days until the next desired watering.  One day left means it will water the next day.
  5. When using the interval, it is best to have all days set to water ON. On the bottom of the display, if you see 
     icon above any day, press the right arrow button until the day is flashing. Press the plus button to remove 
     icon from any no water day.


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