NODE-BT - Controller Settings

CONTROLLER SETTINGS offers more advanced features that can be accessed using the steps below.

  1. Open the Node-BT App and choose a controller Name.
  2. Select Connect.
  3. Select the More hamburger icon.
  4. Select Controller Settings.
Location, Controller Name, and Passcode

Customize your NODE-BT: Enter the nickname, map location, and add an image. Confirm and Save.

Create a Passcode: Select Turn On Passcode to protect your device. Confirm and Save.

Language Preferences: The app will automatically recognize your smartphone's language preferences and if available, the app will translate.

Rain Sensor

Turn On to suspend automatic irrigation. Rain or Clik sensor required.  See link here for more sensor CLIK sensor options.

Suspend Watering

You can SUSPEND (turn off) your system for any period of time for winterization purposes or for a basic system shutdown.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Set the desired level of irrigation shutdown by scrolling from 0 (very dry) to 100 (very wet). Confirm and Save.

The current moisture level will automatically appear. Refresh by swiping down on screen.  Soil sensor must be wired and installed.

Naming Programs and Stations

Naming the progams and stations can be very helpful when you need a better referecne for location (e.g. Front Lawn, Back Drip, etc.).


Cycle & Soak

The Cycle and Soak feature allows you to split a station’s runtime into shorter watering periods. The shorter watering periods will help prevent run off in situations like slopes or tight soils. It is recommended that the Cycle time is less than the station’s watering time, and the Soak time for the water to be absorbed. The total number of cycles is determined by taking the total programmed station run time and dividing it by the Cycle time.  Turn on in the Station settings. Input the amount of time the station shall run and pause. Confirm and Save.

Programmable Days Off

Set from 1-99 days. Confirm and Save.

Seasonal Adjustment

Seasonal Adjustment is used to make global run time changes without re-programming the entire controller. Quickly adjusts run times from 10% to 300% global or by month. Confirm and Save.

Delay Between Stations

This feature allows the user to select a time delay between the end of one station run time and the start of another station's run time. The delay can be set for 10 seconds up to 4 hours. The delay is a convenient feature when working with slow closing valves or slow well water recovery.  Confirm and Save.

Pump/Master Valve

Turn On to assign Station 1 to use as a pump or master valve for all programs. Station 1 will no longer be used for irrigation. Requires multi-station NODE-BT and normally closed master valve.

Set Manual Controller Run Time

Set a custom run time from 1 minute to 12 hours. Save and Confirm.

Factory Reset

Restores controller back to factory defaults. Enter passcode if set. Confirm.

Controller Off Mode

Select the System toggle to shut down controller.

Last Battery Change Date

Select the date the battery was last changed.

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