ACC2 - Sensor Response

The SENSOR RESPONSE is set up by the individual program. If you want the same responses for multiple programs, set up the responses for the first program, then click the Copy soft key. You can then change the program number and click the Paste soft key to duplicate the settings. There are three standard Clik sensor inputs on the Power Supply Board. If a Hunter Solar Sync Sensor has been configured, there are also settings for Solar Sync Rain and Freeze.

Ignore: Program does not respond to the sensor.

Suspend (recommended): Program suspends watering when the sensor is active (alarmed) but keeps track of time. If the sensor returns to normal, the suspended program will resume irrigating where it should be at that time in the schedule. The program will end when it was originally scheduled to end.

Pause (use caution): The program stops where it is when the sensor is active. If the sensor returns to normal, the program will resume watering where it left off. This will cause the program to end much later than the original schedule.

Rain Delay: In the Sensor Response menu, press the soft key for Rain Delay. This optional setting will cause watering to stay off for a set number of days after the sensor activation is over. Select the number of days for watering to stay off for each Clik sensor input.

It is not possible for a program to be set to both Pause and Suspend for different sensors, because they cannot both be active at the same time. If you change a response setting for a sensor, and another sensor for the same program changes automatically, this is by design.


From the HOME menu, select the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the DEVICES menu. Press wheel once and scroll to select the SENSOR RESPONSE option.


Using the scroll wheel, select the PROGRAM that requires the sensor configuration.


Using the scroll wheel, select SUSPEND (recommended) or PAUSE. The IGNORE selection should be set for sensors not set up in that program.

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