ACC2 Decoder - Station Assignments

When multiple decoder output modules are present, the range of station numbers allowed on each one can be changed, or "mapped." This allows you to assign more than 75 stations to a decoder output module when necessary, to take advantage of the field wiring layout, as long as another module is present in the controller. Each output module provides 75 stations when it is installed. If you need more than 75 stations on a single two-wire path, or on paths from a single module, you can reassign the station numbers from the other module(s) to the first module, and so on.



Select the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the DECODERS menu. Push wheel in to select.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to select the STATION ASSIGNMENTS menu. Push wheel in to select.


Check the box to enable station assignment changes, and click to confirm.


Each module will be shown with the range of station numbers assigned to it. At first, each will have 75 stations. Select the Upper field for Decoder Module #1 to adjust the Upper station range up or down. As you adjust it, you’ll see the range of Decoder Module #2 changing by a corresponding amount.

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