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ACC2 - Program Run Times

You can access RUN TIMES from the programming menu, or from the soft key shortcuts from the START TIMES screen. This allows you to set up an entire program (start times, run times, and water days) from the same menu.

NOTE: The ACC2 controller can have a maximum of 64 RUN TYPES (events) for each program that may consist of a station, a block (a group of stations), and/or a set station delay.


  1. First, verify that you are in the correct program, by number or name.
  2. Select the Run Type field, and select Station or Block (“Blocks” are described in detail in the Stations Menu section. Blocks replace “SSGs” in the original ACC). You also have the option of setting a Delay Event that will allow extra time between specific stations and blocks (this will only show dashes).  Press the dial to select the type.
  3. Turn dial to the Number field. Press and turn dial to select station or block number. Press to enter.
  4. Turn dial to the Run Time field, press to select, and dial to enter the run time (from 1 minute to 12 hours). You can also enter run times in seconds, by dialing to the: SS field (seconds), which is adjusted separately.

You may continue to enter any station numbers, in any order, in the same way.


Adjusted Run Times

The Adjusted Run Times show the effects of the current Seasonal Adjust settings on the base run time. If a run time is set to 10 minutes, but Seasonal Adjust is at 50%, the Adjusted Run Time will show 5 minutes. The Seasonal Adjust amount is not changed in this screen, but can be set from the Programs menu, or automatically by a Solar Sync sensor.

When all the Run Times for the program have been set, press Back or Home to exit.

Show Edit Tools (Shortcuts)

Press the soft key for Show Edit Tools. If you are running stations in numerical order, you can use the soft key for Fill Down. This will automatically add 1 to the previous station number, and copy the run time on the next line. For example, if you entered Station 1, 5 minutes, and then pressed Fill Down, it would add Station 2 for 5 minutes on the next line. This is a shortcut for copying sequential run times very quickly.

You can also Delete any item from the list. Scroll to the item, and press Delete.

You can also Insert an item above any selected line in the list. Scroll to an item, and press Insert Line. A blank line will appear above it.

ACC2 can run any station or block in any order. Example: you could insert station 3 between stations 1 and 2. The program would run 1, 3, 2, in that order.

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