ACC2 - View Logs

Attention messages do not interfere with normal automatic irrigation. All attention messages on the Home screen create logs. The first step to understanding any problem or message is to click the soft key for View Logs, or access the logs from the Diagnostics menu.

There are 3 types of logs, and a filter function to narrow the number of logs displayed.  The controller will store up to 250 alarm logs, with date and time, beginning with the most recent alarm. Use the dial to advance forward and backward through the alarm list.

Logs Description

Other significant messages that are not technically alarming are stored in the controller logs (up to 250 events). They are also arranged by date and time, with the most recent log first.


Station logs record every single event that occurs in the controller (up to 1500 events), beginning with the most recent. This can be useful for advanced troubleshooting or to verify that a station actually watered.

Filter This allows any of the three logs to be filtered by date or by record number.
Export All logs can be written to the SD card, described in the Advanced Features section.


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