Flow-Sync - Components

This section will give you a brief overview of some of the components of the Flow-Sync system.

A. Flow-Sync Sensor (HFS Series)
  1. Impeller: Rotates when flow is occurring

  2. O-rings: Provides sealing of sensor in sensor body

  3. Wires: Black and red wires connect sensor to the ACC or I-Core controller

Note: Black and Red wires must be wired to correct black/red terminals in controller.

B. Flow-Sync Body (FCT Series)
  1. Flow-Clik Tee (FCT): The Tee is installed into the irrigation system and houses the Flow-Sync

  2. Plug (replace with Flow-Sync at installation)*

  3. O-rings: Provides sealing of plug in sensor body

  4. Cap: Retains plug or sensor in sensor body

  5. Cover: Snaps over the top of the sensor

Note: FCT Tees are ordered for the desired pipe diameter separately from the Flow-Sync.

*For areas that require Winterization of irrigation systems, save the plug for winterization.

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