Flow-Sync - System Overview And Operation

Flow-Sync is typically installed near the point of connection, in an appropriately-sized FCT Tee.

Flow-Sync can connect to the host controller via two direct burial-rated 18 AWG/1 mm wires up to 1000 ft/300 m away from the controller. Flow-Sync can also connect to ACC99D family decoder controllers via the ICD-SEN sensor decoder, and report up the same two-wire path used by the ICD station decoders. Flow-Sync does not require any additional power source.

Flow-Sync sensors operate with an impeller positioned in the flow through the pipes.

As the impeller turns, pulses are generated to the controller, which converts them to gallons or liters, depending on the Units of Measurement selection in the controller.

Flow-Sync is a reporting device, and does not respond to flow situations on its own. Flow-Sync is almost always installed in conjunction with a Master Valve, which can stop flow in a damaged pipe when high flow conditions are detected.

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