Flow Sync - Ideal installation

The Hunter Flow Sensor body (FCT or Flow Clik Tee) is designed in diameters from 1" to 4"(2.54-10.16cm). It is installed into the mainline of the irrigation system, near the point of connection. It is important to install the Sensor Assembly (FCT + HFS) downstream of the master valve. Also, it is necessary to install the Sensor Assembly in an area of low turbulence within the system. Areas of high turbulence will cause erratic readings from the Flow Sensor.

HFS sensors have red and black 18 AWG wire which connect to the corresponding terminals in the controller. The wires may be extended up to 1000 ft/300 m from the controller if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Hunter Flow Sensor body (FCT or Flow Clik Tee) can be installed in either orientation, VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL. There must be at least 10 times the pipe diameter of straight pipe upstream of the Sensor Body inlet and at least 5 times the pipe diameter in length of straight pipe downstream of the Sensor Body outlet. This will assure that the HFS is placed in the optimum position within the irrigation system.


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