Flow-Sync - Controllers compatible with the Flow-Clik and Flow-Sync


   The Flow-Clik system includes the HFS (Hunter Flow-Sync®) as well as the Flow-Clik interface module. This system is designed to be used with controllers that do not have the capability to process flow information built in. The Flow-Clik will work on any controller's normally closed sensor circuit, or on any 24VAC controller by interrupting the common circuit. For example the Flow-Clik can be used on the Hunter X-Core, Pro-C and ICC. In an overflow condition, it will respond by activating the sensor circuit on the base controller, stopping the controller from irrigating.

Flow Sensor

The Hunter Flow-Sync (HFS) is the sensor used with flow monitoring commercial controllers, such as I-Core, ACC, and ACC2. These controllers have the ability to process the flow internally, thus there is no need for the Flow-Clik Module.  These controllers can manage flow by station; record flow totals, and respond individually by station. The same sensor is used in the Flow-Clik package and is available as a separate part (part # HFS).  The FCT (Flow-Clik Tee) is ordered separately based on the mainline size.

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