Flow-Sync - Installing the HFS into the FCT Fitting

The FCT tee fitting comes with a plug that allows for installation of the FCT into the irrigation system prior to installing the Sensor. This allows the FCT tee to be installed separately from the sensor and prevents damage to the sensor during installation of the body.

To install the sensor into the body:

  1. Turn the system pressure off.
  2. Unscrew the cap from the top of the FCT (figure 1).
  3. Use pliers or a screwdriver and carefully pry the plug from the FCT tee.
  4. Insert the sensor into the FCT. The sensor has a flat side that engages with a flat on the inside of the sensor body (figure 2).
  5. Replace the cap on the sensor body. Hand tighten only. (figure 3).
  6. Feed the two sensor wires through the hole in the cover and snap the cover on the cap.

NOTE: Save this blank plug! You can use it to temporarily to replace the flow sensor during winterization blow out, to prevent damage to the sensor from high velocity air.

Installing the Flow-Sync Sensor into the FCT fitting



NOTE: do not attempt to remove the sensor plug or sensor while the system is under pressure.

Never glue the HFS sensor into the fitting! The threaded cap is designed to seal under pressure.



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