X-Core Support

X-Core - One Touch Manual Start and Advance

You can also activate all stations to water without using the dial.

Step 1

Hold down the arrow (>) button for 2 seconds. When you will see station 1 appear on screen, release the arrow (>) button.

Step 2

This feature automatically defaults to program A. You can select program b or C by quickly pressing the PRG button.

Step 3

The station number will be flashing. Press the arrow (>) button to scroll through the stations and use the plus (+) or minus (-) button to adjust station run times. (If no buttons are pressed for a few seconds during step 2 or 3, the controller will automatically begin watering).

Step 4

Press the arrow (>) button scroll to the station you wish to begin with. After a 2 second pause, the program will begin. At any time during the manual cycle, you can use the plus (+) or minor (-) buttons to navigate from station to station manually.

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