X-Core - Troubleshooting Guide

Station Repeats

Cause- Too many start times (user error).

Solution - Only one start time per active program is required. The Start Time numbers do not represent station numbers.  For more information on this topic, view the full article here.

No Display

Cause - Check AC power wiring.

Solution - Press the reset button located on the righthand side of the controller. Full reset procedure here.

If there is still an issue with no display or a NO AC message, view the full article here.

SP Err


  • Wrong smartport wiring
  • Faulty pump relay or master valve wiring.
  • Incompatible or defective relay of solenoid.
  • Under sized wire to the pump or master valve.


  • RED (AC1), WHITE (AC2) and BLUE (REM terminal)
  • Check the master valve or pump start wire for continuity. Replace or repair the shorted wire. Check that all wire connections are good and watertight.
  • Check electrical specifications for pump relay - Do not exceed controller's electrical rating. Replace defective pump relay or solenoid.
  • Replace wire with larger gauge wire.

For more information on this topic, view full article here.

ERR with Station #

Cause - Short in valve wiring circuit, or faulty solenoid on the station number indicated.

Solution - Check wire circuit or solenoid for the valve number indicated. repair short or replace solenoid. Press any button to clear the "ERR" from the display.

For more information on this topic, view full article here.


Cause - There is no AC power present (the controller is not receiving power).

Solution - Check to see if the transformer is properly installed.  For more information on this topic, view full article here.

Umbrella Icon

Cause - The rain sensor is interrupting irrigation or the sensor jumper is not installed (see image).

Solution - Slide the Rain Sensor switch on front panel to the BYPASS position to bypass rain sensor circuit, or install the sensor jumper.

If sensor is installed and it is dry, then reference article here.

Rain Sensor will not Shut Off System


  • Incompatible rain sensor or the jumper was not removed when sensor was installed.
  • Manual Single Station Mode Used.


  • Make sure sensor is micro-switch type such as Mini-Clik®. Check that the jumper has been removed from the SEN terminals. Confirm proper operation (see “Testing the Weather Sensor”).
  • Manual Single Station Mode will override the sensor. Use Manual All Station Mode to test sensor.

For more information on this topic, view full article here.

Controller does not have a start time for each station.

Cause - Programming error, dial in incorrect position.

Solution - Be sure the dial is in correct position. Total number of stations can be easily checked by placing dial in the RUN TIMES or SET STATION RUN TIMES position and toggle through using the arrow.  

For more information on this topic, view full article here.

Flashing Sprinkler Icon, No Zones Running


  • Water is off.
  • Short in wiring connections.
  • Bad solenoid.


  • Check field wiring.
  • Replace solenoid.
  • Turn water back on at backflow and/or shutoff supply.

For more information on this topic, view full article here.

Controller Not Turning ON with Dial in RUN Position



  • Correct AM/PM of time of day
  • Correct AM/PM of start time
  • See Setting Program Start Times

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