X-Core Setting Event Day(s) Off

The X-Core allows you to program a No Water Day(s). This feature is useful to inhibit watering on specific day(s). For example, if you always mow the lawn on Saturdays, you would designate Saturday as a No Water Day so that you are not mowing wet grass.


Turn the dial to the WATER DAYS position.


Enter an interval watering schedule as described on Selecting Interval Watering.


Press the arrow (>) button to scroll to the No Water Days at the bottom of the display. MO will be flashing. Use the arrow (>) button until the cursor is at the day of the week you wish to set as a No Water Day.


Press the minus (-) button to set this day as a no water day. The icon will illuminate over this day. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all desired event day(s) are off.

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