ACC2 - Clik Sensors

The ACC2 Controller allows you to connect up to three CLIK SENSORS. These sensor inputs are already configured as Normally Closed, but this can be changed for other types of contact closure sensor inputs to Normally Open.

IMPORTANT: Sensor location can be changed from Controller to any decoder output module. To use the decoder output module, you will need to wire a sensor to a sensor decoder (ICD-SEN). Choose the decoder output module number to which it will be connected to in the controller, and select the sensor decoder address.


From the HOME menu, select the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the DEVICES menu. Press wheel once and scroll to select the CLIK SENSORS option.


Using the scroll wheel, select the SENSOR number.


Using the scroll wheel, type in a custom NAME. When finished, select DONE.


Using the scroll wheel, check the box to ENABLE CLIK SENSOR INPUT.


Using the scroll wheel, select a SENSOR STYLE. The default is NORMALLY CLOSED that applies to all Hunter Clik sensors. If not using a Hunter sensor, verify with the manufacturer of the sensor to determine the sensor style.


Using the scroll wheel, the SENSOR LOCATION can be changed from Controller (corresponding to the terminals on the Power Supply Board) to any Decoder Module, if the sensor is connected to an ICD-SEN sensor decoder (A2C-075 Decoder models only). Choose the decoder output module to which it will be connected, and then select the Sensor Decoder address and port.

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