CAD Installation Details

CAD Installation Details to Enhance and Organize the Design Process

Hunter Industries has provided all construction details in the following formats: (1) Adobe PDF, (2) DWG, and (3) DXF. The Details have been created with two graphic presentations. Type "A" Detail shows the callouts by a legend with numbered bubble callouts, and Type "B" Details show leaders for callouts. DWG Files are created utilizing multiple layers to delineate between the different construction practices. The user can isolate layers to view what is needed. Directions in the DWG file give instructions on how to do this. DXF Files are created for other CAD platforms that cannot read the DWG File Format.

Installation Details


Installation Details

Download: PGJ | PGP-ADJ | PGP Ultra | I-20 | I-25 | I-40 | I-90 | I-80

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MP Rotator

Installation Details

Download: MP Rotator

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Water Management Software

Installation Details

Download: IMMS®

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