ACC2 Decoder - SOS

SOS (Status Output Station)

An SOS is a dedicated station output that is only used with Conditional Response. The purpose of the SOS is to trigger an external light or other device when the controller is in an alarmed state, so that field personnel can be notified of an alarm without having to open the controller door.

An SOS requires a dedicated station number to operate (any station number may be used). The station will turn on whenever the Conditional Response condition is in effect.

The station output may be used to directly power a 24VAC signal lamp installed in a conduit hole, or used to activate a relay for other purposes.


Setup an SOS Station

In the Conditional Response screen, set an "If" condition first, set to Any Alarm or Critical Alarms. Use the "Then" soft key to select a "Start SOS Output" Type.

At Selection, select the unused station you want to designate as the SOS station.

  • This station must not be included in any irrigation programs.
  • Only one SOS station should be used per controller.
  • All other SOS responses should be selected to the same SOS station number.
  • The SOS station output will be wired directly to the external light or other 24V powered device.
  • In Decoder Controllers, the SOS must be operated by a decoder station. We recommend programming and placing a single station ICD-100 in the controller cabinet for this purpose.


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