To enable P/MV switching on sensor input, each station in the affected Flow Zone should be set to call for both P/MV outputs. When the sensor is alarmed or changes position, it should then be set to “Close P/MV” for the P/MV that is not in use. In this way, only 1 P/MV would be active at any given moment, because the stations are calling for both of them, but one is disabled by the sensor input.



There are two points of connection available, one potable water, and one non-potable. Each has its own Master Valve. A FLOAT SWITCH is installed to monitor the non-potable level. All stations are set at STATION SETUP to call for both Master Valves.

  • When the float switch is closed, it disables the P/MV for the potable water supply, so only non-potable water is used.
  • When the float switch is open, it disables the P/MV for the non-potable supply, so only potable water is used.
  • They will not both be disabled at the same time, since only one position can be in effect at a time.

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