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ACC2 - Reset Memory Options

The ACC2 controller can be RESET, erasing most programmed information. There are 2 different levels of the Reset command's available. If any of them are chosen, the information will be permanently erased. These operations are not reversible! Reset should only be performed if: (a) a “clean start” is desired for programming purposes or (b) directed to do so by an Irrigation professional as a troubleshooting technique.

There are two reset options.

  1. ALL PROGRAMMING AND DEVICES: Erases all programs and device setups, but keeps the Flow Totals intact. This will require completely reprogramming all devices, flow setups, and irrigation schedules.
  2. FLOW TOTALS: Clears the flow total history and resets it all to 0 flow

Step 1

Press the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.

Step 2

Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the ADVANCED FEATURES screen.

Step 3

Press the scroll wheel once and rotate down to RESET MEMORY. Push to select.

Step 4

Using the scroll wheel, CHECK the boxes for the items you would like to clear. 

Step 5

Using the scroll wheel, select DELETE. The controller will notify you once more before erasing data.

Step 6

Please confirm you would like to DELETE the selected boxes. Using the scroll wheel, select NO or YES.

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