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Pro-C - Installing Station Modules


The Pro-C controller is supplied with a factory-installed base module for up to 4 stations. Additional modules may be added in increments of 3 stations (PCM-300) or a single 9-station (PCM-900) to expand the controller’s station capability to 16 stations. Additional modules are sold separately.

The Pro-C utilizes automatic module recognition firmware to identify when PCM modules are installed or removed from the controller.  This feature will recognize the correct number of stations without having to reset or cycle power to the controller.


Installing PCM Modules

The Pro-C controller is designed with a simple to use “Power Lock” feature that assures that the modules are energized and firmly secured into the controller.  The “Power Lock” can unlock or lock all modules at one time by simply pushing the “Power Lock” slide.  

  1. Slide the “Power Lock” into the “Power Off” (unlocked) position.  Insert the PCM modules into the appropriate sequential position in the controller cabinet. Note: When in the “Power Off” (unlocked) position the controller display will be blank.
  2. Once all of the modules are in place, slide the “Power Lock” into the “Power On” (locked) position to energize and secure the modules into the controller.
  3. The Pro-C will automatically recognize the correct number of stations.  It is not necessary to press the reset button or cycle power to the controller.
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