Pro-C - Connecting a Hunter “Clik” Weather Sensor

A Hunter weather sensor or other micro-switch type weather sensors can be connected to the Pro-C. The purpose of this sensor is to stop automatic watering when weather conditions dictate.

Connecting a Hunter “Clik” Weather Sensor with a P2C Controller

  1. Remove the metal jumper plate that is attached across the two SEN terminals inside the controller.
  2. Connect one wire to one SEN terminal, and the other wire to the other SEN terminal. It does not matter which wire connects to each SEN terminal.

Connecting a Hunter “Clik” Weather Sensor

When the weather sensor has deactivated automatic watering, “OFF” will appear on the display.

Testing the Weather Sensor

The Pro-C provides simplified testing of a rain sensor when the sensor is wired into the sensor circuit. You can manually test proper operation of the rain sensor by using the One Touch Manual Start (see page 26). During the Manual cycle, pressing the test button on the “Clik-type” sensor (eg. Mini-Clik®) will interrupt watering.

NOTE: Do not use the Manual Dial Selection (Single Station) to test sensor operation. The Manual single station function ignores any attached sensor and will allow watering to occur.

Manually Bypassing the Weather Sensor

If the rain sensor is interrupting irrigation, you can bypass it by using the bypass switch on the front of the controller.

Slide the switch to the Bypass position to disable the rain sensor from the system to allow for controller operation. You can also bypass the weather sensor for manual operation by using the Manual function. The Bypass switch does not affect the Seasonal Adjust update when using the Solar Sync sensor.

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