Solar Sync - Clik Operation

The Rain-ClikTM portion of the Solar Sync Sensor will keep the irrigation from starting or continuing during rainfall. No adjustment or calibration is required for the Rain-ClikTM sensor. The Rain-ClikTM uses patented Quick ResponseTM technology that will shut the system off during the first few minutes of rain. The only adjustment that is necessary is the vent ring that will either slow down or speed up the time at which the sensor dries out and the system is turned back on. Opening the vent will speed up the dry out time and closing the vents will slow down dry out time.

In addition, the Solar Sync’s built-in temperature sensor provides system shutdown when freezing conditions occur. At approximately 37 ̊ F/3 ̊ C and below the Solar Sync module will command the controller to shut down. A “sensor off” indication will be displayed on your controller when the sensor is active. When temperatures rise above 37 ̊ F/3 ̊ C, automatic irrigation will be activated at the next scheduled start time.

  1. Vent Ring
  2. Vents

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