Wireless Solar Sync - Battery Information

The battery in the Wireless Solar Sync® Transmitter is designed to operate for the life of the sensor by providing a sealed, maintenance-free design. The transmitter is available as a replacement part (WSS-TR). Should you need to change the transmitter, the receiver will have to learn the new transmitter address. Learn more

IMPORTANT: The battery inside the transmitter is NOT replaceable. It is sealed with epoxy, which allows it to remain free of any future corrosion.

To perform a battery test on the transmitter, you must view the receiver status to check if there is communication between the transmitter and receiver. Use the guides below based on your receiver status to verify the battery life.

Receiver LED Status Lights: 

  • Blank: This is the normal status of the receiver in standby mode. 
  • Solid red: When power restored to the controller, the red LED in the center of the wireless receiver will turn on and stay solid for 10 seconds, indicating that it is searching for a signal from a wireless sensor.
  • Flashing red: Lost communication between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Flashing red twice: Communicated with the transmitter.


Validate Receiver/Sensor Communication or Readdress
  1. Press and hold the spindle on the wireless sensor.
  2. The LED on the wireless receiver will blink two times, confirming that the receiver is addressed to the sensor properly.
  3. If LED does not blink, readdress the transmitter with the receiver. Learn more
  4. If the LED will not readdress, check the status light on the bottom on the transmitter. Press and hold the spindle for 10 seconds. If the LED does not flash, the transmitter needs to be replaced.


Replacement Information

The Wireless Solar Sync Transmitter replacement part number is WSS-TR. Warranty information can be found here.

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