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Solar Sync - ERR Messages

Controller shows ERR:

  • Module wires not properly connected to controller terminals.
  • Wires from the Solar Sync module to the controller have been severed.
  • Is the Solar Sync module installed on a controller that has the SOLAR SYNC dial position? If so, remove module.

Solar Sync module shows ERR:     

  • There is an issue between the module and the sensor itself. Assess your wire connections, power the controller down and back up again.

Solar Sync module shows SERR:   

  • Indicates Sensor Error, communication has been lost between the Wireless Sensor and Wireless Receiver.

The Solar Sync has a reset procedure that can be performed if an error message is displayed.

  1. Remove the battery from the back of the Solar Sync module
  2. Push and hold all three buttons on the Solar Sync module
  3. Release all three buttons after 5 seconds
  4. All the segments should show up on the module telling you the reset has taken
  5. When the time of day appears, reprogram module.
  6. Replace the battery



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