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ACC2 - Stop Commands

Any running irrigation can be stopped immediately from the Home screen. The top soft key offers the following choices for stopping irrigation:


Stop All Irrigation

Stops everything that is watering or running immediately. The controller is still in automatic irrigation mode, and will resume watering at the next start time.


Timed Off

Like System Off, this stops all stations, and prevents automatic irrigation, but for a specified period of days. When the days have counted down to zero, the controller will resume automatic operations.



Interrupts whatever is currently running, until either Resume is pressed, or 30 minutes have passed. Anything running will be resumed where it left off, and run for its remaining time. When items are paused, the Resume button will appear.

Pause freezes all irrigation, including pending events. When the controller resumes, all remaining events will be pushed back for the amount of time the system was paused. This will cause irrigation to end later than usual.


System Off

This turns off all irrigation, and places the controller in
permanent Off mode. No automatic irrigation will occur.


Selective Stop

You can also use the dial to scroll through the list of running stations and programs on the Home screen and click to stop any one of them instead of the entire list. If you highlight an active station, the Stop button will allow you to Stop Station, or Stop Program. Stop Program will stop the entire program that caused the station to run, but allows other programs to keep running.

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