ACC2 - Pump/Master Valve Setup

From Main Menu, dial to the Stations menu. Set Station P/MV Usage for each station, if necessary.

P/MV outputs 1 through 3 always refer to the output terminals on the Power Supply Board. P/MV outputs 4, 5, and 6 can be assigned to regular station outputs. See Soft P/MVs further down this page.

All P/MV outputs are set to Normally Closed operation, but they can be changed to Normally Open functions in the Devices menu. See P/MV Operation section.


Soft P/MVS (4-6)

P/MV outputs 4 through 6 will show as "Disabled", unless you select one of the station outputs to be used as an additional P/MV.

These are called "soft P/MVs". Once a station is designated as a P/MV, that is its only function, and it must not be included in irrigation programs as a "regular" station.


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