To enable P/MV switching on sensor input, each station in the affected Flow Zone should be set to call for both P/MV outputs.

When the sensor is alarmed, or changes position, it should then be set to “Close P/MV” for the P/MV that is not wanted. In this way, only 1 P/MV would be active at any given moment, because the stations are calling for both of them, but one is disabled by the sensor input.

Example: There are two points of connection available, one potable water, and one non-potable. Each has its own Master Valve. A float switch is installed to monitor the non-potable level. All stations are set at Station Setup to call for both Master Valves.

When the float switch is closed, it disables the P/MV for the potable water supply, so only non-potable water is used.

When the float switch is open, it disables the P/MV for the non-potable supply, so only potable water is used.

They will not both be disabled at the same time, since only one position can be in effect at a time.

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