ACC2 - Attention Messages

A new controller installation will begin with at least one or two Attention messages, because the controller has experienced a "power outage" in shipping, and may be discovering new modules. This is normal.

Messages on the screen do not interfere with normal irrigation.


Start Up Screen

When power is first turned on (either with the power switch, or closing one of the slide locks), the Hunter logo screen appears, and the controller begins searching for any irrigation events it may have missed during a power outage.

This search can be canceled if you are installing or servicing the controller by pressing the Home button on the facepack.

If the controller finishes searching for missed events (about 1 minute), it will resume irrigating where it should be at the current time of day.

In automatic operations, the controller will always perform the search after any power outage. Watering that was missed during the outage will be recorded in the logs, and the watering will resume where it should be at the time of the power restore.


View Messages

A flashing alarm symbol at the bottom of the display indicates that something unusual has been detected. When the symbol is flashing, a soft key will link to View Messages. Press the key to view the most recent messages in the Attention screen. From the Attention screen, you can View Logs, to get more details about the messages, and/or Clear Messages, to return to the Home screen.


Clear Messages

Attention messages in the display can be cleared by pressing the Clear Messages soft key, after pressing View Messages. The message will still be available in the controller’s logs. Attention messages do not prevent watering or normal operation. However, they may announce a condition that can prevent or affect watering.


View Logs

Press View Logs for more detailed information about each message. The soft keys will link to the Alarm, Controller, and Station logs when an attention message is displayed. The Filter Logs function will allow you to search for logs on a specific date, or by record number. You can also access logs at any time from the Diagnostics menu.

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