Hydrawise App - Add/Edit User

The Users section allows you to give designated people access to your controller. Users can change or view the controller configuration.

 User SettingsDescription
Add PictureAn image can be uploaded from your operating system or mobile device.
User NameThe name of the control user
Email AddressThe email address that the new user will use to log in to the account
Type of User
  • If you want the user to have full control over the controller, select “Can modify configuration and run zones.”
  • If you don’t want the user to have control over configuration, select “Can view configuration, manually run zones.”
Hydrawise_Add User_1
  1. Sign in to your Hydrawise account.
  2. Click the () Menu icon in the upper left.
  3. Select Account Details.
  4. On the top navigation bar, select Users.
  5. Click the Edit icon to make changes to the existing User if applicable.
  6. Click Add New User.
  7. Fill out all the details, then click Create.

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