Hydrawise App - Controller Selection Tool

The Controller Selection Tool in Hydrawise enables you to change the active controller within your account. The active controller is the specific controller you are currently viewing and working on within the Hydrawise app or web interface. It allows you to access, view, program, and edit the settings of that controller.

The Active Controller Selection tool has five helpful tools to help you quickly locate controllers. Click on the Controller Name at the top of the app to view the following.

  1. Watch List: This option lets you group selected customers into a separate list (e.g., they could be on vacation and want you to take special care of their property, they could be your most important customers, or they could be paying you additional monitoring fees). 
  2. Closet Controllers: You can sort your controllers based on location. To do so, select Location from the Controller Selection List. Controllers are listed from the closest to your present location to the farthest away. This option is ideal for making site visits.
  3. Sort Alphabetically: This option sorts controller names alphabetically.
  4. Last Used: This option lists the most recently used controllers.
  5. View Controller Issues - View all controllers not connected to the internet (serial number must be attached to controller to show in this view).


Controller Selection
Hydrawise_View Controller Issues_1

To see the drop-down menu for these options, click the Filter icon on the upper right-hand side. To check the individual controller connection status, click on each controller to view the home screen for offline notifications.


View Controller Issues
Hydrawise_Controller Selection_2

The View Controller Issues tab allows you to view all controllers in your Hydrawise account that appear offline and not connected to the internet. Visit the Wi-Fi support page for connection assistance. Learn More

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