Hydrawise App - Setup Wizard Overview

This wizard simplifies the configuration of your controller, guiding you through the initial setup of your Hydrawise smart irrigation system in just a few easy steps. It helps you set up the basic settings, connect your controller to the internet, and customize your watering schedules. Here's a general overview of the Hydrawise setup wizard:

  1. Name Your Controller: Enter an identifying name for your controller. This is especially useful if you have multiple controllers in your Hydrawise account. 
  2. Enter Serial Number: Locate your controller’s 8- or 10-digit serial number on the back of the facepack or on the side of the WAND Module. The Serial Number is your unique identity and allows your controller to communicate with the Hydrawise Software.
  3. Connect Your Controller to Wi-Fi: Connect your controller to the internet to access all features of Hydrawise software.
  4. Add a Program: An irrigation program tells your controller when to water and for how long.
  5. Add a Sensor: Sensors provide additional data to enhance the management of your Hydrawise system. Your controller supports rain sensors, soil sensors, and flow meters.
  6. Identify Controller Location: We will adjust your irrigation using our algorithms and Predictive Watering triggers based on the local weather at your controller’s location.
  7. Congratulations: You’ve completed the basic configuration of your controller.

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