Hydrawise App - Leak Detection

The Leak Detection alerts allow you to monitor your irrigation system better and stay informed of potential problems regardings leaks. Using this alert requires an HC Flow Meter to be installed and set up correctly under sensor settings.  This alert is generated after the zone stops watering.

How To Access
  1. Sign in to your Hydrawise account.
  2. Tap the () Menu icon in the upper left.
  3. Tap Alerts.
  4. Tap Add New Alert.
    • Enter Alert Name.
    • Choose Alert Type.
    • Using the slider, choose the Controllers and/or Sensors.
    • Under Actions, set up your notification methods.
  5. Tap Back, then Save.
High Flow Leak

This alert will monitor and detect water moving in your system. This is generally a more significant leak when no irrigation is running. If you use this alert, make sure you allow residual water to pass back and forth through your flow meter, which can give false alerts. We recommend setting this between 1-3 GPM.

Slow Leak

This alert monitors if we detect water moving in your system; this is generally a smaller leak, as no irrigation is running. The system looks for the total amount of water movement, within an hour. This measures slow water leaks that occur over a period of one hour, so you can be notified if there was any leaking of "x" amount of water within the last hour.

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