Hydrawise App - Controller Status

This Alert section allows you to monitor your irrigation system better and stay informed of potential problems. You can create alerts if your controller isn't connected to the internet, if the rain sensor status has changed, if irrigation is skipped, and/or if you're having WVL issues (HCC controller only).

How To Access
  1. Sign in to your Hydrawise account.
  2. Tap the () Menu icon in the upper left.
  3. Tap Alerts.
  4. Tap Add New Alert.
    • Enter Alert Name.
    • Choose Alert Type.
    • Using the slider, choose the Controllers and/or Sensors.
    • Under Actions, set up your notification methods.
  5. Tap Back, then Save.
Controller is not connected to the internet

When your controller goes offline (loses internet connection), you will receive an alert based on the number of days the controller has been offline, which is selected in the alert settings.

Rain sensor has changed

This alert allows the user to be notified when the sensor state has changed, such as when it is wet (open circuit) or dry (closed circuit). 

Irrigation Skipped

This alert lets the user know when the irrigation will not run due to an open circuit on a sensor (e.g., wet rain sensor) or the system was aborted from a water trigger (e.g., aborted due to a high probability of rain). The alert will trigger a notification (In-app, email, and/or SMS text) before your first program start time of the day.

Wireless Valve Link (HCC Model Only)

These alerts apply to the HCC controller only:

Customers can set up two alerts when a Wireless Valve link system is installed on an HCC Controller.

  • Wireless Valve Link - Low battery - This is triggered when battery life is at 10% on the WVL.
  • Wireless Valve Link - Unable to start - This is triggered when the controller cannot communicate with the WVL. It can be due to a dead battery in the WVL or some other communication problem when the WVOM module cannot communicate with the WVL in the field.

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