Node - Components

This section provides a brief overview of some of the components of the NODE . Each item will be discussed in further detail later . However, this section can be helpful in getting acquainted with the different options available .

Control Buttons

Node Componets buttons

  1.   Button - Increases the selected flashing display
  2.   Button - Decreases the selected flashing display
  3. Button - Selects programming function
  4.   Button - Advances the selected flashing display back to the next item
  5.   Button - Navigates the selected flashing display back to the previous item
  6. PRG Button - Selects the program (A, B, or C)


LCD Display


Node Components

  1. Main Display - Indicates all program information
  2. Station Number - Indicates the station number being programmed
  3. Start Time Number - Indicates the start time number being programmed
  4. Program – Indicates the program (A, B, or C)
  5. Current Time/Day – Indicates when current day/time is being set
  6. Start Times – Indicates when start times are being set.
  7. Run Times – Indicates when Run Times are being set. Allows user to set run times from 1 minute to 6 hours.
  8. Watering Days – Allows the user to select individual days to water or a selected number of days between watering (interval)
  9. % Seasonal Adjustment – Allows the seasonal adjustment to be programmed form 10–150% (default value is 100%)
  10. System Off – Indicates that watering is suspended
  11. Manual On/Off – Indicates when manual watering is programmed. Allows the user to activate the station manually.
  12. MV – Indicates that station one is set to master valve operation (only available on 2, 4, or 6 station models)
  13. Battery Status – Indicates remaining battery life
  14. Umbrella – Indicates the rain sensor is suspending irrigation
  15. Crossed Umbrella – Indicates the rain sensor has been manually bypassed

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