NODE - Mounting

The NODE can easily be mounted on any Hunter valve and solenoid. A specially designed valve mounting clip makes installation a snap. A protective rubber cover is provided to prevent dirt from accumulating on the face of the NODE.

To Mount the NODE to a Hunter Valve
  1. Unscrew the existing solenoid from the valve
  2. Screw the Hunter DC latching solenoid (P/N 458200) into the valve bonnet
  3. Place the included mounting tray (P/N 881600) on the Hunter solenoid
  4. Set the NODE controller into the tray
Retrofit Installations & Additional Mounting Options

For retrofit installations or additional mounting preferences use the included mounting adapter (P/N 951500)

  1. Wall mounting, horizontal or vertical using the mounting tray
  2. PVC pipes using  a band clamp and the mounting tray
  3. Mounting to a valve box using wall screws and the mounting tray

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