Node - Programing Overview

Node Program Capablities

The NODE uses standard Hunter controller programming with 3 programs (A, B, C) and 4 start times per program.

Node Buttons and Navigation

On standard Hunter controllers a dial is used to scroll between the programming functions, however, on the NODE the button is used to quickly and easily create the irrigation program. When programming, the flashing portion of the display can be changed by pressing the   or   buttons. To change something that is not flashing, press the   or   buttons until the desired item is flashing.

Idle Mode

Normally the NODE display shows the time and day, day of the week, MV (if master valve option is activated) and the battery life indicator. During a short period of inactivity the display will shut off to retain battery power. Pressing any button will wake up the NODE to the Idle Mode.

Run Mode

When the controller is operating a program the items shown on the display will include the station number, program letter, remaining runtime, and the blinking Rotor icon.

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