Node - Connecting the battery/batteries

The NODE uses two standard 9-volt batteries (not included) to operate the valves and program the controller. The controller can operate using either a single 9-volt battery or using two 9-volt batteries. Under normal conditions, the expected life is one year for a single battery and two years when using two 9-volt batteries.


NOTE: The NODE has non-volatile memory which allows for the battery to be removed without losing program information.



To Install the battery/batteries

1 .  Unscrew the rear body of the NODE body to gain access to the battery compartment.

2 .  Insert the battery/batteries into the battery tray and connect to the controller using the battery connector.

3 .  Make sure that no water is inside the battery compartment.

4 .  Screw the NODE rear body back onto the front half.


NOTE: Make sure that the seal marker on the rear half of the NODE lines up with the front half (as shown in image on right), ensuring that a proper seal is created.


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