A2C - Installing Wi-Fi Antenna Extension Kit

To improve Wi-Fi visibility to the router, we recommend using the Wi-Fi extension kit (model: WIFI-EXT-KIT). This is not a signal booster, but an option to get the antenna closer to the router. Going around corners, through obstructions, or just reducing the distance are appropriate applications for this product.

The extension kit comes with two separate cables and mounting hardware to install in ¾" conduit. The thicker cable provides a 9' extension, while the thinner cable is 3.5' in length.

Note: only use one cable extension, as combining the two will incur signal loss.

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Open front panel to access the antenna compartment.


Unthread the existing antenna. Thread on the extension cable until hand tightened. Attach included antenna to the other end of the cable.


Route antenna cable through the channel at the bottom of the facepack. Remember to re-install the plastic cover over the compartment.  Note: Drilling into the cabinet is not recommended. Please only use existing conduit knockouts.


Route antenna cable from enclosure through ¾" (20 mm) plastic electrical conduit. Use standard fittings to position antenna where required. Do not exceed supplied cable length.


Route cable and antenna through standard ¾" (20 mm) threaded adapter with male threaded end up. 


Insert antenna into open side of lower tube (fit cable through slot).  Adjust holder length by sliding upper body into lower body.


Drop antenna holder into threaded conduit fitting, and allow the holder rim to rest on top of the fitting.


Add threaded cap (recommended) or glue cap to prevent water entry and complete installation.

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