Centralus - Purchase/View Subscriptions

The MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS feature will allow you to access service plan information on any ACC2 controller that is connected using the LTE cell module. For this setup, the LTE communication module (PN - A2C-LTEM) is required for the ACC2 controller.

Find an authorized Hunter distributor near you using our interactive Distributor Lookup.

Service Plan Options
Monthly (Per Month) $9.99
Quarterly(Per 3 Months) $28.50
Bi-Annual (Per 6 Months) $55.50
Annual (Per Year) $109.00


View Subscriptions
  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the MENU icon (
  4. Navigate through the different selections of the service plan options.
  • Devices - This will allow you to purchase a new plan for an existing device, add a new device, view usage, view amount per month, and next billing date.
  • Billing History - The event (invoice paid) will be a sum of all controllers for that specific date with an amount.
  • Support - Support email for any technical questions on the Centralus software.

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