Centralus - Alarms

The controller will store up to 250 alarm logs, with date and time, beginning with the most recent alarm. When the Text Message Alerts are set up, you can receive one of the messages listed below for each model controller.

NOTE: Centralus will not send more than one text alert per controller in a 24-hour period.

ACC2 - Alarms
StationSizeZeroYesNot detecting any station or decoder modules. The Station size is 0.
LowvoltagfaultYesThe primary AC power to the controller is too low (below 105 VAC).
RTC (Real Time Clock)N/AThere can be a fault in the clock, and/or the CR2032 battery is dead or missing.
MainSafeFlowZoneFlowAlarm DetectedYesOverflow/Underflow/No Flow detected with a MainSafe.
StationFlowAlarmDetected (*)N/AOverflow/Underflow/No Flow detected for station.
DecoderModuleOverloadedYesThe decoder module's maximum current load has exceeded (1800mA on 1.2Hz).
StationFaultDetectedYesOvercurrent was detected for a station that exceeded 800mA.
PMVFaultDetectedYesOvercurrent detected for a Pump or master valve that exceeded 800mA.
WeatherSensorCommsFault DetectedYesNo communication with a sensor.
MaximumTransformerCurrent ExceededN/AOvercurrent detected on the internal transformer. Exceeding 1Amp on 50/60 Hz
CANBusFaultDetectedYesFacepack will not communicate with any module (the exception is the flow module). 
WeatherSensorAlarmDetectedN/ASensor status has changed from inactive to active.
NWWViolationDetectedYesA No Water Window schedule is active.
SensorDecoderFaultN/AThe sensor decoder is not programmed correctly or detected on the two-wire path.
PowerOutageN/AThis fault is generated when the power is restored.
ClikSensorAlarmDetectedN/AClik sensor is active.
ICC2 - Alarms
  • On Critical Alarms Only
  • When the sensor is active
  • On dial position change
  • When a programmable day off is active

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