A2C-LTE - Module Installation

Turn off the controller power using the power switch on the transformer.
Module Installation
Remove the dust cover, or existing module, from the bottom rear of the controller facepack. Push up on the spring-loaded button and pull downward to remove. Slide in the new module until the lock clicks.
SIM Card Replacement
The module includes a tool for SIM card removal or installation. This tool is normally only used when changing from the Hunter-supplied SIM to a local SIM.
  1. Remove the tool from the receptacle on the module.
  2. Insert it in the SIM card slot (domestic and international SIM slots are in slightly different locations). Gently press on the SIM with the tool and release. The SIM will eject partially. The tool can also be used to remove the SIM card if necessary.
  3. Before inserting a new SIM, verify the correct orientation of the SIM as indicated by the icon on the product. Load the SIM card into the tool and push it gently into the slot until it clicks into place.


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