Centralus - ACC2 - Water Days

Each program can have different types of WATER DAY schedules, and then have different settings with those types.

Programs can be set according to one of the following modes:

Days of Week: This feature allows you to select days you would like to water for each program independently.

Even/Odd Days: This feature uses numbered days of the month for watering instead of specific days of the week. (For example, Odd Days 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. and Even Days 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.)

Interval Days: This feature is convenient if you want to have a more consistent watering schedule without having to worry about the day of the week or the date. The interval number you select is the actual interval of days on which watering will occur. For example, if you have an interval of 3 days watering every third day. The days remaining (Remaining) indicates how many days until the next watering occurs. For example, if you select interval 3 with 1 day remaining, watering will begin tomorrow at the scheduled time. At midnight the days remaining will change from 1 to 0, indicating that the controller will water that day.

Manual Only: Watering will only occur during manual operation

Follow the mobile steps below to set up WATER DAYS.


Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. From the CONTROLLER LIST tab, select an ACC2 Controller model.


The SCHEDULE tab will be the default selection. Select a PROGRAM to begin setup.


Select the EDIT icon to open the Start Time options.


Under the WATER DAYS options, select a MODE.


Select your NO WATER DAYS. Select SAVE.

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