Centralus - General FAQ

This section provides troubleshooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions that will be helpful when using the ICC2 and ACC2 Controllers with the Centralus Irrigation Management Platform.

Why am I receiving a Serial Number in Use message?

If this message appears after you enter a controller's serial number, it means that the controller is already assigned to another account. For you to gain access, the original owner must delete or share the controller. If the owner deletes the controller, you can then add it to your account without being linked to any other user. Learn more

What are my pricing options when using the A2C-LTE Module?
  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the MENU icon ().
  4. Navigate through the various service plan options.
Plan Price
Annual Plan $109.00 / Year
Biannual $55.50 / 6 months
Monthly Plan $9.99 / month
Quarterly $28.50 / 3 months
How do I share my controller(s) with a customer?

The PERMISSIONS tab allows a user to share their controller with a few simple steps. If necessary, the user can delete a controller in this section as well.

Instructions for ICC2 Controllers

Instructions for ACC2 Controllers


How do I share my controller(s) with my staff?

The Centralus Software allows you to add CREWMEMBERS to your organization and provides a range of helpful functions for managing teams of people and controllers. Learn more

Why doesn't the controller show up after I accept the sharing invitation?

The controller(s) will not appear in a user's account until the user is added to a group with the assigned controller(s). Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Select + GROUP to add a new group or skip to the next step.
  2. Select the  icon to ADD a Crewmember to an existing group.
  3. Select the Crewmembers and Controllers that should be assigned for this group. Select SAVE. The controller(s) will now be visible to the new Crewmember.
Can I set up blocks and flow in Centralus?

When using an ACC2 Controller, you must set all FLOW and BLOCK configurations at the controller facepack.

Flow Setup

Block Setup

How do I add station names for my ICC2 Controller?

Centralus offers all the same programming features that are available at the ICC2 Controller facepack.  Station name assignment is not a feature in the software at this time.

Why does Centralus say No Sensor Detected for my ICC2 Controller?

If you see the message NO SENSOR DETECTED under the Adjustments tab, there is either no sensor connected at the controller or the sensor switch is set to bypass. Follow these steps to verify:

  1. Check the sensor CONNECTION at the controller.
  2. Turn the rain sensor switch back to ACTIVE.
How do I select a weather station to enable Predictive Watering® Technology?

Centralus uses local, real-time weather forecasting and the most accurate weather stations available to fine-tune your irrigation system to current conditions. The address selected during controller setup determines the location for the weather forecasting. The PREDICTIVE WATERING triggers are the settings in your Centralus Software that can be adjusted based on your watering requirements.

  • Stop the watering schedule when the TEMPERATURE is less than: Select a temperature.
  • Stop the watering schedule when the chance of RAIN is greater than: Select a percentage.
How is the controller firmware updated through Centralus?

Firmware is the software operating system inside a controller or communication module. Centralus wants you to have the latest operating system for optimum performance, and if it detects an older version of firmware in the controller, it will prompt you to update the firmware over the air with the ICC2 Controller. Learn More

The ACC2 Controller can be updated through your controller settings.

  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT.
  2. Select a controller name from your CONTROLLER LIST.
  3. Select SETTINGS.
  4. Select UPDATE. If UPDATE is not highlighted in blue, then your controller will not require any new firmware.



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