When using the residential central Wi-Fi adapter with the I2C commercial controller, there are some common LED usage lights that will help you determine the communication.

  • Flash Red when in direct connect mode.
  • Flash Green when trying to connect to the Wi-Fi access point.
  • Solid Green when connected to a Wi-Fi Access Point & Centralus
  • Solid Red if a connection to the Wi-Fi Access point or Centralus failed.
  • Flash Amber when receiving a message from central.
  • Off if never sent a message to Wi-Fi Access Point or Centralus
  • Light is off if there is no central connection.
  • Solid Green is connected to the controller.
  • Solid Red if the controller connection failed.
  • Flash Amber when sending a message to the controller.
  • If a flow sensor is installed, this LED will flash when the flow is detected. This light will always be Blank when no flow is detected.
  • The rate of the flash will be proportionate to the rate of the flow.


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